Black Women, Mental Health, Wellness & Self-Care

HEG 211 Black Women's Health and Wellness Course



Black women have disproportionately higher rates of many illness including hypertension, breast cancer, diabetes, lupus, heart disease, HIV, depression and so much more. This course will explore the socio-historical and cultural factors that impact the determinants of health for Black Women as compared to other populations. The intersectionality of Black Women’s lives and the impact on their mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing will be examined. This course will analyze the roles and identities of Black Women, their perception of health, wellness and illness and how these factors influence self-care practices.

Workshop: Self Care 101: Getting Back to Balance



Are you the “go-to” person at work? Do your children, family, or community networks lean on you to be the problem solver? Are you juggling multiple projects and sometimes feeling as though you are right at the brink of drowning? Do you sometimes neglect yourself and are often too overwhelmed to do anything about it? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions…this workshop is for YOU!

Sometimes we are so busy tending to others that we forget to nurture and care for ourselves. This presentation is designed for those who are seeking BALANCE. This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore and implement self-care strategies to help promote and maintain personal well-being!